Casablanca ( Arabic : الدار البيضاء‎‎, ad-Dār al-Bayḍā'; Berber : ⴰⵏⴼⴰ, Anfa; local informal name: Kaẓa) is the biggest city of Morocco , located in the central-western part of the state on the Atlantic Ocean It's the biggest city in the Maghreb , as well as one of the greatest and most important cities in Africa , both economically and demographically. Marketing office famously planted a pre-production press release in The Hollywood Reporter on January 5, 1942 (it was also released to dozens of papers across the country two days later), saying that Reagan would co star with Ann Sheridan for the third time in Casablanca (1942) - so as to actually encourage support for the shortly-to-be-released film Kings Row (1942) with the two stars.

Its tactical timing was further accentuated at the time of its general release in early 1943 by the January 14-24, 1943 Casablanca Conference (a summit meeting in which Roosevelt broke US-Vichy relations) in the Moroccan city with Churchill, Roosevelt, and two French leaders - DeGaulle (the magnetic legal Free French leader) and General Henri Giraud (supportive of Marshal Petain).

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